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I am licensed in the state of Colorado and I am an insurance broker.

As a broker, I represent many different insurance companies, which means that I am able to help you tailor a policy that is just right for you and your individual situation.

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Medigap Insurance works alongside of Medicare and pays the gaps, such as the Part B deductible and co-insurance.  An Advantage plan (such as an HMO) works instead of Medicare. With most Medigap plans, you can go to any doctor anywhere in the US that will accept Origininal Medicare. With an advantage plan however, you are normally restricted to a particular doctor (such as a Primary Care Physician) and a particular network (such as a group of specialists or contracted hospitals). If you want to know more about how each plan works, give me a call today and I will explain it to you in plain English!

Amy offers a variety of plans. Following is a sample of the plans we offer:

Plan F: The Plan F is the most comprehensive and the most popular plan because essentially, it covers all of the gaps left by original Medicare alone.
Plan A: Plan A is the most basic plan and covers the Part A coinsurance, as well as the Part B coinsurance.
Plan N: Plan N is the newest of all Medigap Plans and is sometimes referred to as a hybrid plan, because it offers more affordable coverage, but allows you to share in some of the costs, such as paying a co-pay when you see your doctor or specialist, and paying your Part B annual deductible.

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